Message from Conference Chair


Dear Friends,

I am delighted to welcome you to the 2nd International Optometry Conference Eye Health in a Changing World, 9 to 11 September 2021.

The conference will attract speakers, decision-makers, eye care professionals, educators, and students from around the world as well as industry and institutions with global experience. This year’s program has been designed to address issues that were raised during our first virtual conference last year, in addition to new and emerging challenges that have been identified in eye care.

Among other topics, the conference will focus on myopia and best practice models for its management, the role and influence of big data and artificial intelligence in eye care, human resource challenges, legislative frameworks & associated issues and partnerships.

Through keynote talks by global leaders in eye care and well-known speakers, parallel sessions, demonstrations, and presentations, the conference will present participants with a unique overview and perspective of the latest developments in this changing world.

There will be several specialty workshops organized during the pre-conference day session on 9 September.

The conference will offer the opportunity to us to share our thoughts and exchange ideas. I am excited about the number of sessions and a wide variety of ideas that speakers and panelists will bring into our fold.

I would like to thank all participants for their contributions and for enriching our events with your presence. We hope that you will have a productive and useful time at this very special conference.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

With Warm Regards,

Vinod Daniel
CEO, India Vision Institute
Conference Chair,
2nd International Optometry Conference - Eye Health in a Changing World


2nd IVI International Optometry Conference is closed.

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